Custom Formulations


Element 119 offers formulation services for custom coatings. Your custom coating will be developed to achieve the performance properties you require in almost any size batch. Our well-equipped laboratory and expert technicians meet new challenges with the most dependable and cost-effective solutions for your business.

Element 119 will work closely with your team to fully understand your needs then create customized samples for testing.

We will produce your unique formulation batches in our facility so you can have gaurenteed consistency and preformance. Utilizing raw material QA and preformance complience processes we ensure your product is produced to the highest standards.

How much does a custom formulation cost? That depends… We start with a cost free consultation where we gather data regarding the use, preformance and properties required. Then, depending on the opportunity size, we may develop a new product and provide samples free of charge.

If your coating is complex or you do not have market presance yet we typically charge a flat fee to produce your first round of samples.

Just a few of the coatings we formulate: Ceramic Coatings, Paint Sealants, Anti-Graffiti coatings, Parts Coatings, Hydrophobic Coatings, Heat Resistant Coatings, Ambient Cure Coatings, UV Cure Coatings, UV Cure Coatings, Water / Solvent Borne Coatings, Self Cleaning Coatings, Self Sanitizing Coatings, and Low E Coatings.

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